Orchestra Trainging Sessions 

Orchestra training sessions will welcome musicians of all ages and standards to join to enhance,develop and upgrade their musical skills 

The sessions will be held in London city,location will be confirmed in due time

The music will be new and popular

Music Director:Samer Hatoum

Strings leader :Oana Gadalean 





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You are welcome to arrange for a meeting to discuss your project to provide you with the prices that suits your plan and budget, use the contact form please to do so and will reply
back within 24 hours

Services Details

Job TypePrice Per Minute
  Single line melody€30
  Single line high density€35
 Two staff single lines or Guitar polyphonic€45
 Vocal melody with chord symbols€45
  Piano score average density€50
 Piano score high density€70
 Piano plus solo instrument€80
 Trio set€65
 Quartet set€85
 Vocal /4 rythms/3 other instruments€90
 Big band / Marching band€125
 Symphony Orchestra€125
Symphony Orchestra with Choir175
Piano reduction from any EnsembleTBD
Piano reduction from full orchestra scoreTBD
Score expansion from piano to any ensembleTBD

Total cost is negotiable depending on the number of minutes and instruments required, you are a step away from contacting us to discuss your music or song(s)by clicking the contact form with your full details to arrange for a meeting.

This presentation aims to build a potential relationship with our prospect colleagues in the creative media industry to outsource our soundtracks and sell their productions in the International markets.

 Our Guests 
 Name                         Country                                                                                           Industry                                                            City                                             
 Wail Chleyah                                                                                                                  Film maker                                                        Wembley                                                 UK 
 Mustafa Inzaghi                                                                                                              Film maker                                                        Cairo                                                        Egypt 
 Lisa Williams                                                                                                                  Digital Marketer                                                 Texas                                                       USA
 Soha Fatta                                                                                                                     Documentary Producer                                     Jeddah                                               Saudi Arabia
 Rana Khishen                                                                                                                Happiness & Mindfulness coach                       Jeddah                                               Saudi Arabia 

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Mobile: +31 6 30 243 921

Email: samerhatoum@gmail.com 

We offer original music for your exiting video with editing with
€100 per minute for any instrumentation
€150 for 2 minutes for any instrumentation
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