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Vacancy 1

we have vacancies for work experience in the Digital Marketing department specially for graduates,employemnt will be available depending on the progress of the applicant and the business development.Send your full contact information by filling the contact form below to reply back.

Vacancy 2

We welcome working with and for Studios for 2D & 3D video animation and Video Games to sell.

Vacancy 3

Talent Music Agency

Online Concert Opportunity

We welcome all orchestra members to register to join the unprecedented orchestra program and vision to reach the planet earth together.

This opportunity is to bring the orchestra sections together under the management, baton of maestro Samer Hatoum to perform a concert to allow the world to attend and watch live, spread love, peace and devotion to the humanity.

Musicians who find interest to join are required to send the information displayed below via the facebook, twitter or let's chat box in the page